LEVERAGE: The Startup CEO Playbook

San Francisco, CA November 8-9, 2013

November 8, 2013
Time – Subject – Speaker
9:30 AM
Dave Kashen
We’ll have a chance to get to know each other and establish the context and agreements that will allow us to create an amazing experience together, and achieve our goal of transforming every one of you into an extraordinary leader.
10:00 AM
Anese Cavanaugh
How do you show up as a leader
Studies have shown that that 93% of our impact is in how we “show up” whereas only 7% of our impact is in the words we use, yet most leaders spend the vast majority of their time and attention on what they’re going to say. We’ll explore how your intentions, energy and presence (“IEP”) determine the impact you have on others, and learn how to shift the way you show up to have more influence and get the results you want.
11:00 AM
Greg Tseng
How the most effective CEOs spend their time
We’ll talk about how the most effective startup CEOs spend their time at different stages of the company, how to eliminate overwhelm, and how you’re likely wasting your valuable time without realizing it. We’ll share what the most productive CEOs have learned about getting email handled, and how to ensure you’re working on the highest leverage activity in any given moment.
12:30 PM
1:30 PM
Danae Ringelmann
Building the foundation for a high-performance culture
What are the most important things you can do to create a strong, aligned culture that maximizes the commitment, competence and creative output of your team? We’ll go through exercises to get you clear about your company’s purpose and the set of values that actually distinguish you and will help your team win in your market. You’ll walk away with clarity about the pillars of your culture, and a roadmap for how to dial up the commitment, creativity and competence of your people.
3:30 PM
Jim Scheinman
Getting tactical: Ops, Fundraising and Growth
We’ll explore the nuts and bolts of building a startup – from who to hire when, and how and when to set goals to fundraising and managing investors to understanding the growth techniques that the most successful startups use to scale their users and customer base.
5:30 PM
High leverage mentorship
We’ll flip the traditional event model and have you present exactly what your challenges are and what you need, and have the group of mentors who are at the next stage of evolution in their startups, and your CEO peers, open their minds and roll up their sleeves to help you overcome your biggest obstacles.
7:30 PM
Dinner with mentors
November 9, 2013
Time – Subject – Speaker
9:30 AM
Hiten Shah
Recruiting an A+ team
We’ll talk about what the best CEOs do that most others don’t to consistently find, attract and onboard top talent, and help you become the kind of CEO that people WANT to leave their jobs at Facebook, Uber and AirBnB to come work for.
11:30 AM
Om Malik
Empathy, emotion & storytelling
“The idea of combining data, emotion and empathy as part of a narrative is something every company — old, new, young and mature — has to internalize. If they don’t, they will find themselves on the wrong side of history.” Om will discuss the power of empathy and storytelling, and how the best leaders use words and emotions to inspire team members, users, customers, investors and the media to action – and how to create the conditions for their teams to do the same.
1:30 PM
2:30 PM
Dave Kashen
Management 101
You’ll build the foundation for mastery over the core management techniques and conversations: giving feedback, conducting 1-on-1s, running meetings, and firing. You’ll understand the parts of management that are most counter-intuitive, and be able to handle the most difficult conversations with significantly more ease and effectiveness.
4:30 PM
Bryan Franklin
Designing a strategy for exponential user and/or revenue growth
We’ll look at the assets, models and activities that the most successful startups have used to grow their business exponentially and get the traction they need to raise their next round (that they don’t usually share publicly), and each of you will craft or refine your own growth strategy. You’ll walk away as clear as you’ve ever been as how to take your startup to the next level.
6:00 PM
Jennifer Russell
Prepare for lift-off
We’ll go through the rapid scale checklist and make sure that you know the exact sequence of steps you need to do to prepare to scale your team and business model. You’ll walk away confident and ready to handle the most important growth challenges that await you on Monday morning.
7:00 PM