LEVERAGE: The Startup CEO Playbook

San Francisco, CA November 8-9, 2013

LEVERAGE is a leadership acceleration workshop for 20 CEOs of high-growth startups. By participating, you will…

  • • Eliminate overwhelm and see how you’re wasting your time without realizing it

  • • Pick up the pieces that are falling off your plate without dropping anything else

  • • Nip bad team dynamics in the bud

  • • Not get replaced as CEO until you want to

  • • Learn the strategies you’d never think of that work to scale your users, revenue and team

  • • Dial up the commitment, creativity and competence of your current team

  • • Become a CEO that the most talented people would quit their job at Facebook to work for

  • • Develop a network of CEOs that you can call upon for advice for the rest of your career

As CEO of a fast-growing startup, you face increasing chaos, complexity and challenge everyday. Your company can only grow to be as successful as you have the bandwidth to run it.

Investing in your leadership bandwidth is the highest leverage point for ensuring the success of your startup.


Hiten Shah


Greg Tseng


Lukas Biewald


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